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30 years ago after my education as management assistant in wholesale and foreign trade and after my studies in business economics, I discovered my passion for textiles. Various stations led me into my self-employment. For 15 years now I have been managing director and shareholder of Fortissimo Textiles Incorporated. A company for consulting and distribution of medical and technical textiles.

Over and over again I prepare assessments and reports for my German and foreign clients, regardless of if it is for internal quality management, outgoing or incoming goods or clearing complaints. Mostly in the medical and technical medical textile field.

My joy for investigational work and with that the connection between professional and expert advice accumulated through my qualifications, along with a lot of positive feedback from my clients, urged me to certify as a surveyor for (DGSV e.V) for medical and technical textiles. All of which is now opening my pathway to receive my approval as a publicly appointed and sworn expert.

This is reason enough for me to offer my knowledge, experiences as an independent surveyor and consultant for medical and technical textiles.



I would gladly assist you in matters such as assessments or assessment statements for the development of new products or with the maintenance of already existing products in medical and technical textiles. Quickly and reliably, impartially and in a serious manner. All data is suitable for the court room. In both English and German.

Besonders wichtig ist mir dabei, Sie mit den anderen an der Entwicklung und am Einsatz Ihrer Produkte Beteiligten zusammen zu bringen. In meinem 3PA-Modell für integrierte Praxishygiene zum Beispiel bringe ich

Thorsten Linnemann | Das 3PA-Modell für integrierte Praxishygiene.

  • den Produzenten der Textilie
  • den Produzenten des oder der Desinfektionsmittel
  • und den Produzenten der Medizinprodukte


Da sich der Markt für Desinfektions- und Reinigungsmittel genauso wie für medizinische Kunstleder rasant entwickelt, gibt es eine wachsende Unsicherheit auf allen Seiten. Ein falscher Einsatz, eine falsche Anwendung der Mittel kann sehr hohe Reklamationskosten, Imageschäden und im schlimmsten Fall sogar gesundheitliche Schäden von Patienten und Kunden bedeuten. Nicht ohne Grund gehen die Regelungen der aktuellen Europäischen Medizinprodukte-Verordnung (MDR) sehr weit. 

Nur gemeinsam können Sie den gestiegenen Anforderungen Ihres komplexen Marktes und ihrer Kunden, den Ver- und Anwendern, gerecht werden, mittel- und langfristig erfolgreich sein.

Developing New Products

  • Definition of features that are important for the textile material your products should have. From necessary to ideally desirable

  • Looking for material quality and potential suppliers, if required in accordance with your purchasing department and existing supplier/suppliers

  • Support during manufacturing and product tests up to maturity phase

  • Advisory documentation of the development steps

  • For medical products in accordance with the requirements of the medical production laws and medical product regulations for operation and use of medical devices

Dealing With Complaints

  • Between:

    • Manufacturers and retailers
    • Retailers and users
    • Manufacturers and users

  • Recording of detailed information regarding complaints → if possible with photo documentation

  • Finding possible causes/triggers

    • Use or cleansing/processing mistakes
    • Production mistakes of raw materials or further processing
    • Packaging or transport problems
    • Preparation of corrections and precautionary measures → in accordance with users, suppliers, purchasing departments, dispatch and retail

  • Information of all parties

  • Advisory documentation throughout the whole procedure

  • For medical products in accordance with the requirements of the medical production laws and medical product regulations for operation and use of medical devices

Further Development of Existing Products

  • Adjustments of textile features of existing products  to new demands on the market or new production processes

  • Supervision of material input during the production phase → initiating and supervising the change of processes and/or materials

  • Surveyor documentation → if necessary in special accordance to the medical product laws

Support in Process Optimization

  • Support in optimizing purchasing processes for medical and technical textiles → with consideration to the demands of purchasing and manufacturing

    • Definition of material quality and optimal purchase and warehouse sizes
    • Finding appropriate suppliers
    • Negotiations between quality and prices, with existing or potential suppliers

  • Support with optimizing manufacturing processes with medical and technical textiles

    • Choice, and if required adjustment of material quality and equipment, that allow the most efficient production sequences of the finished goods according to their features in order to gain the most efficient production sequence



"Super kompetent!"
5/5 Sterne von Ralf M., Mai 2018

"Herr Linnemann hat in einem Reklamationsfall mit anschließender Vermittlung eine hervorragende Arbeit gemacht. Sein Sachverstand und seine Objektivität haben uns überzeugt. Wir können Herrn Linnemann weiterempfehlen." "Er genießt unser uneingeschränktes Vertrauen."
5/5 Sterne von Stefan L., November 2016

"Ich kenne Herrn Linnemann schon viele Jahre und er hat für uns immer eine gute Lösung gefunden. Bei Materialproblemen gab es von seiner Seite immer eine klare Aussage."
5/5 Sterne von Rüdiger N., November 2016

"Herr Linnemann hat eine Reklamation über Leder-/Kunstleder im PKW Innenraum begutachtet. Ich bin mit der Arbeit und dem vorgeschlagenen Ergebnis sehr zufrieden."
5/5 Sterne von Iwan S., November 2016

In the following you will find examples and themes of what I have been doing during the last years as adviser and surveyor. Should you need further information please do not hesitate to contact me. Of course all information will be treated in confidence with you and in respect to all of my other clients.

Surveys, assessment statements and independent consulting for medical and technical textiles


Medical Technology

For example

  • Use of polyurethane coating textiles for

    • Medical mattresses, cushions etc. and facility equipment
    • Examination and treatment units including apparatuses for medical imaging (CT/MRT)

  • Use of ultrasonic welding for PU or PU coated protective mattress covers or protective covers for medical nurse care aids such as postural and patient positioning, cushions and splints

  • Use of laminated textiles for medical instruments for example blood pressure cuffs

Upholstery and Furniture

For example

  • Complaints concerning upholstered furniture in

    • Hospitals and care facilities
    • Hotels and catering facilities
    • Child and youth facilities

  • Use of leather imitation for

    • High quality furniture abroad
    • Chipboard for industrial kitchen furniture

Vehicles, Planes and Shipbuilding

For example

  • Textiles for private vehicles like caravans or camping vans

  • Use of leather imitation inside cruise ships

  • Textiles for the interior of luxury cars for example seats, fixtures/depositions and interior paneling



You need advice, a surveyor or an assessment statement regarding medical- and/or technical textiles? Then please contact me. I will be pleased to be there for you.

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